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Rauf Ashraf is the well know person in USA, Rauf Ashraf work had being implimented using Google . Rauf Ashraf also served as an google Analyst at United states for making Hospital website to rank in google listing at the top position for 5 years (including working with the $5 Million + Hospital Fund Manager) and Rauf Ashraf United states hospital digital marketing Management as well as a public well-fare member of the united states Rauf Ashraf medical tourism facilitator. Subsequently Rauf Ashraf founded his own firm, Medical hospital deploying over $5 million in numerous investments.

Rauf Ashraf has served as an web developing manager with United States Hospital. In addition Rauf Ashraf has served as a medical facilitator to make $1 billion global equity fund with medical tourism company. Rauf Ashraf has also completed with P.hd and Rauf Ashraf is a medical facilitator in United States. During his career, he has interacted with hospitals and Rauf Ashraf medical facilitators to model and analyze over 1,000 different hospital traded companies.

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