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Mr.Rauf Ashraf started his career as medical facilitator in the year of 2001, rauf ashraf created hug impact in the management firms in United States, and rauf ashraf worked for five years with two large as medical facilitator with assets of over one million dollars. Rauf Ashraf also served as an Medical Analyst at United states Hospital for more than 5 years (including working with the $5 Million + Hospital Fund Manager) and Rauf Ashraf United states hospital Management as well as a founding member of the Rauf Ashraf medical tourism facilitator. Subsequently Rauf Ashraf founded his own firm, Medical hospital deploying over $5 million in numerous investments. During his career, he has interacted with hospitals and Rauf Ashraf medical facilitators to model and analyze over 1,000 different hospital traded companies.

Rauf Ashraf has served as an medical facilitator manager with United States Hospital. In addition Rauf Ashraf has served in a joint venture with $1 billion global equity fund with medical tourism company. Rauf Ashraf has also completed with medical tourism and Rauf Ashraf medical facilitator in United States.

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